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Students are proud to wear the Highworth Warneford uniform and as such we understand all parents’ desire to ensure that their young people come to school in the correct uniform.  If you have any queries with your child’s uniform please address them to their tutor in the first instance.

A smart and tidy appearance is considered important.  Hair should be tidy and extremes of fashion will not be permitted. 

School uniform is a simple and fair way of setting a high standard of appearance. Items have been chosen, as far as possible, to be easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Uniform and sports kit specific to Warneford can be bought or ordered online from our uniform provider:
Monkhouse Schoolwear Website:  Email:
Address: 1B, Plaza 21, Sanford Street, Swindon SN1 1HE (01793) 520843


Uniform available from Monkhouse only
Years 7, 8 & 9 - Plain royal blue V neck crested knitted jumper (Code BCBV4837-ROY)
Years 10 & 11 - Plain navy V neck crested knitted jumper (Code BCBV4837-NVY)           
All years - Navy stitch-down pleated school skirt (Code GPB-NVY)

Uniform available more widely

Black school trousers - not jeans, cords, leggings or denims and no buckles or zips on the leg of the trousers. Trousers should ‘reach’ a child’s shoe and not be tight/figure-hugging. See appendix for more guidance.

Light blue long or short sleeve school shirt with a collar suitable for a tie.

Black leather or synthetic shoes of a safe, and sensible style - not boots, trainers, shoes with logos or canvas/suede shoes. See appendix for more guidance.

Dark coloured socks.

Black/navy tights. Tights must have a ‘foot’.

Uniform available from the School Office
House ties

PE and Games Kit from Monkhouse only

AKOA royal and amber reversible rugby shirt
AKOA royal and amber shorts or skort
AKOA royal and amber rugby socks
Highworth Warneford Falcon PE Polo (Code MGJ012)
Highworth Warneford Falcon Fleece Jogging Trouser (Code XQN001) (optional)

If required your child’s initials can be printed onto the AKOA range; this can be arranged by Monkhouse for a small fee.

PE and Games Kit available widely
White socks; Football boots; Trainers; Shin pads; Gum shield (optional)


All students in Years 7-9 should now be wearing the “new” style PE kit that was introduced several years ago but there was a grace period that has now expired.
No earrings or other piercings will be allowed during PE lessons and will need to be removed, not just taped over.
The wearing of official crested (optional) school tracksuit bottoms is an option for any pupil who feels they would like to wear them for any lesson.


Uniform is only one part of ensuring that students are properly dressed for school. We also need them to follow some basic rules about the rest of their appearance.


Very short shaved hair is not allowed, and longer hair should be neat and tidy. If the back and sides of hair is cut with clippers, it must be ’blended’ with the rest of the haircut to avoid a distinct contrast.

No shaved lines or logos in hair or eyebrows are allowed and no ‘extreme’ hairstyles.

Hair colouring must only be with single natural colours. The school does not permit two-tone dipped dyed hair.

Long hair must be tied back in PE and Design Technology lessons.

Facial hair should be trimmed and tidy. The definition of ‘extreme’ rests with the Headteacher.


No jewellery may be worn except wristwatches and one plain stud earring in each ear lobe.

No other facial/head piercings (including nose, eyebrow, septum or tongue piercings) are allowed; neither are retainers to “hold piercings open”.

There is no exception to this rule. If your child wishes to have a piercing done that does not meet these rules, please make sure that this is timed in a way that does not need them to keep the piercing in during term time.

Students failing to take any unwanted adornment out will not be able to attend lessons.

Make Up

Only limited discreet make up is permitted. Any student wearing excessive make up will be given make up remover to take it off.

Fake eyelashes are not permitted.

Coloured nail varnish/extensions/gels are not allowed and students wearing them will be asked to remove them.

Coat/Outdoor wear

Students should wear a ‘proper’ coat in cold and wet weather, but this must not take the form of a sweatshirt or a hooded top (hoodie).

Jackets made of sweatshirt /hoodie material with a zip are NOT acceptable as a coat.

All students should lower their coats hoods inside of the school buildings.

For further information, please click on the link below for the current school uniform and appearance guidelines: