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Supporting Students

While most students will require a ‘light touch’ for pastoral intervention during their time at Warneford, the school does understand there are occasions when students need some additional support. We encourage students to be resilient and to self-manage in preparation for the challenges ahead, but students at Warneford can be given a vast range of formal and informal support if deemed appropriate.

Their tutor and their Head of House will always be the first port of call for support and guidance, and they will usually be able to ‘signpost’ a young person to the most appropriate form of help; parents should always make contact with these key people in the first instance.

The school has established a Pastoral Hub, which can provide short-term support for young people struggling to access classes. Students will usually be referred to this facility by their Head of House, and it is done with a clear vision of re-integration into the classroom.

The school has a strong tradition of mentoring, with staff and governors working alongside students, especially in preparation for GCSE examinations. There is also a programme of Student Leadership, which sees students trained up to provide mentor support for younger vulnerable students.

More formally, the school use the services of:

A school nurse
A school counsellor
NEXUS counsellors
TaMHS workers
Mental Health Support from Swindon Trailblazer

These support services can be accessed only through referral from the Heads of House or senior staff. Parents and students should be aware that access to these services is usually at the discretion of the school, and that there may well be a waiting time before they can be accessed (details of what these services provide for young people can be obtained from their Head of House).

Wellbeing Request & Anti Bullying Forms

If you are at all worried or concerned about yours or someone else's wellbeing, do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted adult; whether that be a parent or guardian, teacher, or one of our Pastoral Captains or Champions.

Talk to the person you trust.

The school also has a new and very simple on-line referral form that you can access from your Start menu on the school network. (Remember you can access that from home as well)

Highworth Warneford School - Wellbeing Request Form - Here is a direct link to the form, just remember to sign in with your Office 365 email and password.

Highworth Warneford School - Anti Bullying Form - Here is a direct link to the form, just remember to sign in with your Office 365 email and password.

Additional support may be found at:

The Dock (On-line portal for Swindon-based support provision for young people)
Kooth (Online mental health services for children) 
Young Minds (Support around mental health)  
Family Lives (Parenting support around a wide range of issues) 

In listing these websites, Highworth Warneford School is merely providing signposting for Parents and Carers rather than a recommendation