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Numeracy & Literacy Catch-Up Premium

For the academic year 2018/19 the school received £8,042 Numeracy and Literacy Catch-up Premium to help fund targeted intervention with students who start at the school with below average levels of achievement in Numeracy and Literacy.

The money is spent in a variety of ways:
Supervised peer and paired reading twice a week
1: 1 Literacy Intervention each week
The ‘Fresh Start’ programme
1:1 Numeracy Intervention delivered by Teaching Assistant
Small Group Numeracy extraction.

The ‘Fresh Start’ programme is a popular phonics scheme offered at Warneford with Year 7 students who require some ‘catch up’ support with their basic literacy skills.

Following a highly successful first year running the programme in 2013/14, with all the participants making above expected progress in terms of their reading and spelling ages, the school has continued with this initiative.  The scheme continues to run in 2019/20 with identified Year 7 students given regular intervention to boost Literacy Levels.

Along with resources for lunch literacy sessions, the school’s Literacy Catch Up Fund is able to cover the costs of the resources and staff training required to run Fresh Start, and Warneford is very pleased with the appertaining results in terms of student progress.

Alongside the specific work done in Years 7 and 8, the school has Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinators who have a specific role to work with department heads to focus on the quality and variety of Numeracy and Literacy being delivered by all subject teachers to ensure a consistent and focussed approach.