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House System

From September 2020, the school will be introducing a system of Houses, with each student placed in to a House. There are four Houses, Buscot, Coleshill, Hampton and Stanton, each led by a Head of House and Deputy Head of House.


Students will still be in single year tutor groups which will form part of a House community.  Siblings will always be kept in the same House, meaning that parents/carers senior point of contact will always be the same person – the Head of House.

A strong House system will give many opportunities for competition, but will also develop a much stronger sense of community and belonging; particularly important in the current climate. For many students the motivation of competition for a shared goal will be very powerful and celebrating success will be at the heart of our new house system.

New school ties will reflect the House colour and each House will have their own crest and motto.

Each House will have two students to perform the following roles:

  • House Captains (these will always be Year 11 students) and these eight students will be the Senior Captains within the school.  They will work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and their Heads of House to assist in the running and management of key events and activities within the school. 
  • Sports Captains to support sporting events and the running of clubs
  • Arts Captains to support events such as school music concerts and the running of clubs
  • Academic Captains who will support academic events/activities and the running of clubs.

Each House will have four students to perform the following roles:

  • Pastoral Captains who will form the links with the youngest students, and provide support and intervention with issues around friendship and low-level poor behaviour around the school.

Two Vice Captains will be chosen from among the Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Academic Captains and Pastoral Captains.

All of the Captains will have a special tie and badge to identify themselves in their relevant House colours. They will all have a role to play in the day-to-day running of the school and will be provided with on-going training.

Who to contact?

Head of House – Mr Bush
Deputy Head of House – Mrs Duncan


Head of House - Mrs Gregory
Deputy Head of House - Mrs Lewis

Head of House – Mrs Chetty
Deputy Head of House – Mr Hanson

Head of House – Mrs Stanley
Deputy Head of House – Mr Gibbons