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Ethos, Vision and Expectations

Highworth Warneford School is an inclusive, fully comprehensive school catering for the needs of all of our young people, no matter what their ability or background.

Our aim is to provide a well-rounded education that enables our students to acquire and develop the skills, knowledge, personal attributes and qualifications they will need for their future.

Through a wide range of engaging, creative and exciting learning opportunities (both in and out of the classroom), we want to create confident, successful and ambitious students with the cultural capital to succeed in life.

The school’s vision is based on five clear principles:

Excellence:  every student must aim for excellence in everything that they do

Aspiration:  students should aspire to do amazing things and not settle for just enough

Challenge:  we will improve students’ resilience and help them to adapt to face life’s challenges

Values:  our students will develop independence and confidence and become moral, curious and enterprising learners, leaders and adults

Community:  the school is part of local, national and international community - staff and students recognise and engage with this

To reach these goals, it is important that students and staff are able to work together in an orderly, well-disciplined and purposeful atmosphere. Therefore, we expect students and staff to treat each other with courtesy and respect, building strong relationships that enable everyone to work at their full potential.  Our excellent pastoral systems underpin this, and we have a happy school where all children are known and seen as individuals.