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Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

Music Clubs

There’s a wide variety of music clubs available this term. Many are for beginners, so come along - all are welcome! What a fantastic chance to learn something new.

Keyboard Club is after school Monday
School Choir on Tuesday lunchtime
Music Theory on Wednesday lunchtime
Year 10 Rock Band lunchtime Thursday
Year 7-9 Rock School lunchtime Friday
Concert Band is after school on Thursday

Sports Clubs (this term)

The PE Department have set up something different for each day at lunchtime and some after school clubs. Some clubs are popular sports like football and netball that you will be keen to pick back up. Other sports are new and exciting. There will be new and exciting sports on offer each term.

Badminton - Thursday lunchtime.
KS3 & KS4 Darts Club – Wednesday lunchtime    
KS4 Coursework Catchup Wednesday Lunchtime           
U16 Netball - Tuesday lunchtime
Year 7 and 8 Netball - Monday lunchtime
Football (girls and boys) – Thursday after school.
Boys’ Basketball - Friday lunchtime.
Girls’ Basket - Wednesday Lunchtime

Board Games Club

Mrs Gallagher is running this club and welcomes all students to come and have fun. We have a range of board and card games you can play. Bring your friends or come along to make new ones. You can bring lunch and eat in the classroom in a very relaxed atmosphere. Friday in 35.

KS4 Art Club

Miss Clarke, Head of Art is running this club and is looking forward to getting creative and imaginative this term. You can create your own project or work on projects to help with coursework. Materials can be purchased if you have something specific in mind that you would like to do. On every day with Miss Clark in Room 21.

KS3 Quiet Club

Come along and catch up on or complete any home work that you need to do. The computers are available if you need to do work online and board games if you would like a quiet space. The club runs Monday, Wednesday lunchtime in FN2.

Eco Club

Award- winning horticulturalist Mrs Patterson is running this club. She has lots of projects planned, including: planting our own areas in school with flowers; growing our own produce and the popular litter picks. This club is linked to the Environment and Community Committee and will be looking at what we can do whole school to improve our environment and help make changes to improve our energy use and carbon footprint as a school. All students are welcome. Be ready to get your hands dirty and make a difference!
The club runs every Tuesday lunchtime.

KS4 Coursework Club

For any year 10 and 11 students who need computers to complete any coursework for any subject.


Come and enjoy tabletop miniature war games either in the magical realms of the Age of Sigmar or in the 40th millennium in the far-flung future. Battle with armies from different factions and have fun! Bring your friends or make new friends that are into Warhammer too!  Do not worry if you have no miniatures, there will be ones provided. The club runs every Tuesday lunchtime with Miss Scott in Room 26.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Use your imagination and take on the role of magic wielding wizard, a holy cleric that can heal, a sneaky rogue or a tough fighter always at the front in any battle. Go on adventures with like-minded people, solve puzzles and fight a multitude of monsters. If you like Stranger Things or Big Bang theory, then this is for you. Don't worry if you don't know how to play you will be able to pick it up easily. We will also play some other types of games. The club runs every Thursday lunchtime with Miss Scott in Room 26.

Languages Culture Club

Run by Mr Turney, Ms Townsend and our student Language Ambassadors- come along to a fun-filled, vocabulary-packed cultural experience. You may want to learn some key phrases in a completely new language or brush up on some new vocabulary for a trip to a new country. Come to Room 29 every Thursday lunchtime.

Chess Club

If you know your knight from your bishop or are a beginner, then please come and play chess. Chess is strategy game that increases your logic and decision-making skills as well as being a fun game to play. Every Friday lunchtime with Miss Scott in Room 25.

Pride Club

Whether you identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, are a proud ally, or genuinely just want to know more, you should feel empowered to stand alongside each other and say now is the time for inclusion and equality for all. Pride club is for absolutely everyone! We want to invite open discussions on relevant topics, educate each other on using the correct terminology and ensure each member of the student body encompasses the values and tolerance that lies at the heart of the school.
Monday Lunchtime in West 1 –KS3 Mrs Duncan.

Coding Club

A chance to learn a range of coding languages and a try out coding for yourself. You can create your own worlds and programs too. There will also be coding games and challenges to complete.
Coding Club is every Wednesday lunchtime in Room 25.

Year 9 and 10 Enterprise Club


Working on mini projects throughout the year, including the opportunity to sell products and help raise money for your House charities we are looking for Year 9 or Year 10 pupils to join us after school on Wednesdays. You will have the ability to implement a business idea from scratch, market it and work out the finances to enable you to (hopefully) turn a profit!
In business there are roles for everyone so whether you are shy or confident, creative or logical you will find your place in the team! Every Friday after school in West One with Mrs Duncan.

Y7 Social Club

For any year 7's who want to meet new people, this is a safe space to go and meet new people in a classroom environment.

KS3 Creative Writing club

For any budding authors and writers. Come and have a go at creative writing.

KS3 Book club

To read a book and then discuss the book in a group environment. A lovely way to share the stories you have read.