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Business Studies

In Business Studies we offer pupils the opportunity to learn about all aspects of businesses and the techniques that are used to make decisions in business organisations.   Through case studies, role-plays, guest speakers and other media, we explore the theories behind business decisions and learn how businesses operate.

Students who choose to study Business at GCSE will cover a variety of business aspects, from Government and the UK economy, to analysing and evaluating the recruitment and selection process.

What makes our Subject Great?  – we asked the pupils…

Noah a student in year 10 spoke saying “Business Studies’ is really enjoyable, I’ve loved designing and making my own products, presenting my ideas to the class and carrying out role play to help understand certain business aspects. Learning about real life companies makes the whole subject really interesting. Business Studies will definitely help me in later life.”

Sarah said, “Business Studies is an interesting lesson, I enjoy our discussions about what businesses have done, and watching videos on them, it helps me learn. I am part of the Young Enterprise team, where we meet every Wednesday after school. It’s great fun. The team has about 12 people in it where we all have taken on roles to run a real business. I am the Finance Director. It has really helped my learning of the subject.”

To enhance the experience of the students we have visited a variety of companies to gain a first-hand appreciation of our studies, visiting places such as a BMW plant to look at production techniques and their quality control; and Coca Cola to view their marketing developments and staffing structure. We have even visited the houses of Parliament to experience first-hand, where the laws about employment and health and safety have been passed.

Young Enterprise is offered to all pupils that take Business Studies as an option. A private limited firm is formed by the pupils, where shares are sold to their family and friends. Each pupil takes on a role to design, make and sell a product to their chosen target audience. This year the pupils have chosen produce personalised T-Shirts; the cash flow forecast looks promising with the business to close at the end of the school year. Once all shareholders have been paid, all profits are going to the charity, Shelter Box.

For more information about the course outline, click the attachment below.