Year 10 trip to Merton College Oxford

When we arrived at Merton College, we completed a small questionnaire about the university which revealed many interesting and important facts about getting into university, university life and dealing with the debt from a student loan afterwards.  We looked at different courses and strategies for picking the correct A-levels to give us the best chance of getting into a university. We saw what kind of degrees people did to get certain jobs, some of which were quite surprising and certainly left many of us much better informed on how to decide what we might like to potentially do in the future.  We then had a short tour around the college and saw many incredible structural and architectural features, including the huge stain glass window at the back of the chapel and the oldest library in the world still in continuous use.  To end the trip, we visited the Pitt Rivers Museum (part of the Natural History Museum of Oxford), it is a museum of ethnography containing a huge collection of artefacts from around the world.  Overall, this trip was a great experience to help us understand more about university and helped all of us to think about making good and informed choices for the future.  Aphra Fasham 10T