World Book Day 2017

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, students at Highworth Warneford School celebrated World Book Day by transforming the school library into Hogwarts.   Platform 9 ¾ appeared at the entrance to the library…. inside could be found a multitude of Harry Potter-themed quizzes and games including our very own version of quidditch, a Harry Potter quiz, a gallery of prisoners of Azkaban containing some familiar-looking faces,  and a scavenger hunt entitled Fantastic Staff and where to find Them.  The two most popular fundraising ideas were the Hogwarts house scarves (which were knitted by the knitting club in four different colour combinations) and a cake sale.  English department and library staff were also dressed as characters from the Harry Potter stories.  Students and staff had lots of fun and raised over £95 for the WBD charity, Book Aid International.