Your School Days are the happiest of your life! At Warneford we hope this is the case for all of our pupils, but we recognise that there are times when some of our community need a degree of support and guidance. Our Student Support Group is Warneford’s firm commitment to the well-being of all pupils, and is run by trained members of the student cohort.

“At Warneford, we have a group of 40 Year 11 pupils, who make up the Student Support Group.  Our job is to help the school feel safe and welcoming for the other pupils in the school. Some schools would call us an ‘Anti-bullying group’, but we are more than that. We also support pupils in times of need (e.g. if they are struggling to make friends, we try and introduce them to people in their year group that they could befriend). The student support group can be identified by our black badges, and we are on ‘patrol’ every break time and lunch time. We actively encourage all pupils in the school to talk to us if they need assistance or advice, which we will deal with confidentially and appropriately.” Student Support Prefect

“At first I felt awkward meeting a completely new person and them telling me their problems as I still felt like a child myself but now after seeing him more often I feel like it has matured me and we have made a friendship and he can talk to me when he sees me around school.” Member of Student Support.


Kooth is an online emotional health and wellbeing platform for young people, run by Xenzone, a Manchester based mental health organisation. They provide an online counselling service for young people aged 11 – 19. The service is available up to 10 o’clock every day of the year, and with no waiting lists, can provide young people with access to the support they may require. Visit their website at

Further information is available by clicking this link