The Warneford Kitchens are run and managed by the school. Catering Manager James Clinton, with Yvette, Nicki, Beverley, Kathy & Tanya, work tirelessly to ensure hot and cold food is always available to the pupils and staff….and it’s always served with a smile!

Here are the current menus:

Week 1 Allergen winter 2017-2018

Week 2 Allergen winter 2017-2018

Week 3 Allergen winter 2017-2018


Christmas Dinner Menu

The school cafeteria is open from:-

8.00 am-8.50 am Breakfast – bacon or sausage baps, cereals, toast and hot drinks.

11.10 am-11.30 am Morning Break – a variety of sandwiches, baguettes, homemade cakes, healthy snacks and drinks.

12.30 am-1.30 pm Lunch – a set main course is £1.80. Also available is a large selection of hot dishes ranging from 80p. We have a 4 week rolling menu and information is available to parents on request. There is a sandwich and snack bar and a new salad and healthy options bar which sells sandwiches, baguettes and Fair Trade products.

As a guide, the average cost of a midday meal with drink and dessert is approximately £2.70 per day. The school’s Catering Manager is always willing to discuss dietary needs with parents if required.

Allergen Information