The Student Voice is valued at Warneford. Indeed, it is a strength of the school, and something that visitors will often comment on. If the needs of the child are central to the ethos of the school, then they must be given a clear opportunity to share their own learning and school environment.

The Student Council meets every half-term with the Headteacher, Governors of the school & other senior members of staff to discuss the management and direction of our school, and plays an important part in the shaping of our continued development. The agenda is drawn up to allow pupils to express their opinions and for them to be valued. The School Council is supported by the five Year Councils which are run by the Heads of Year. These often form the conduits for discussion that allow wider discussion of issues, but equally can raise issues of concern that need to be heard by the School Council.

Student Council 2015

“I really enjoy being part of The School Council. I was elected by other students in my year, and really feel I have a job to do in representing them. It was a little bit scary to begin with, but I now see that what I think is important, and that the senior staff of the school are interested in my opinion.” ¬†School Council Member.

Minutes of previous meetings

School Council Minutes 9-11-17

School Council Minutes March 2017

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