The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is open at 8.30 every morning and remains open for one hour after school Monday to Thursday. Students can make use of this quiet atmosphere to work on coursework, homework or other research.

The LRC contains a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, a selection of magazines and a reference section, all geared towards reflecting both the curricular and non-curricular needs of the school community. Other facilities include a stationery shop, talking book collection, as well as computers for students to use throughout the day.  Annexed to the Library is a suite of computers and an interactive whiteboard.

Details for the illustration and creative writing competitions we a running  for the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature:

Illustration competition 2017

Creative Writing competition poster 2017

Parents:  Looking for books to suggest for your child?

Students: Need ideas for what to read next?

Click on this link to visit the BOOKFINDER, created by the BookTrust www.booktrust.org.uk/books/bookfinder/

BookTrust is a charity dedicated to inspiring a love of reading and Bookfinder consists of 13 genres from which to choose.  Within each genre there are several books; most of them are available in our school library and in the top right corner, the age group can be changed as well.  New books are always being added; students should fee free to make requests if they can’t find the book they are looking for.


Eclipse.net (the Library Management System) is web hosted, thereby allowing students access away from school. Eclipse.net includes all books available in the library, as well as WebLinks. (websites specifically chosen for their educational relevance, updates monthly) Eclipse.net

Recently, Eclipse.net has added the iMLS app, allowing access from iPad, iPhones and iPad touch.

Shown here is part of the Eclipse.net front page, showing the “CLOUD”, made up of all the titles and authors for which students have been searching.  Also, available to see at the click of a mouse are the TOP TEN books at HWS, the NEW ARRIVALS and under CHANNELS, the loans chart and news headlines can be found.

Suggested links for resources:

Complete Issues HWS now has an on-site license to Complete Issues, allowing students access to up-to-date articles, statistics, opinions and contacts. To Login, username: HWSresearch password: thevoice. This website includes issues of Essential Articles, Fact Files and Key Organisations also found on the shelves.

Magazines:How It Works This magazine can be found in the LRC. It is “the magazine that feeds minds!” Try this accompanying website link for an endless supply of information in a wide range of topics. Check out the video clips found on the website – who knew research could be this much fun ?! These are some of the organizations that regularly contribute: Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, DK Books and NASA.

Swindon Youth Festival of Literature 2017


This year is the tenth anniversary of the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature which runs from 6th – 10th November 2017.  From modest beginnings, this well-respected annual event has grown year on year, nurtured by our passion for books and reading. We are proud to have attracted so many wonderful and diverse authors and performers and look forward to what year ten has to bring.

We kick off this year’s events on Monday 6th November with the Inter-school Book Quiz at The Dorcan Academy. This is always a highly competitive event between the eleven schools. Highworth Warneford School  were last year’s winner, as well as the year previous to that!  We will be keen to retain the title in 2017 but who will challenge us for the trophy?

The headline event for all schools will take place at the Wyvern Theatre on Tuesday 7th November with award winning fantasy fiction author Jonathan Stroud. Jonathan is the author of the New York Times best selling trilogy Bartimaeus and the Lockwood and Co series. Lockwood and Co is a fantastic supernatural series about a horrifying epidemic of ghosts in London where a trio of detectives investigate some of the spookiest and deadliest hauntings . Ghosts and ghouls beware!

We will host workshops and interactive talks from popular author  H.L. Dennis on Wednesday.  

Thursday morning, performance poet Ash Dickinson will return to Warneford to perform his poetry to all Year 7 students, encouraging their “inner poet” by supporting them to create their own rhymes and verse.

We will also host a transition event featuring the 2Steves on Thursday afternoon (at Southfield Jr School)

Riveting Read 2017
This is a year 8/9 project held in conjunction with two other Swindon schools: The Dorcan Academy and Kingsdown School.  The library managers from these schools choose the books; participating students read the five Riveting Read books and then will meet up on 28th June 2017 to discuss and share opinions about the books and then finally they vote for their favourite.  Books are chosen carefully to encourage readers to extend their reading and try genres different to what they normally read, here are this years’ books:

This year the Riveting Read event will take place at Kingsdown School.

World Book Day 2017

World Book Day banner

On Thursday 2 March, students at Highworth Warneford School celebrated World Book Day by transforming the school library into Hogwarts.   Platform 9 ¾ appeared at the entrance to the library…. inside could be found a multitude of Harry Potter-themed quizzes and games including our very own version of quidditch, a Harry Potter quiz, a gallery of prisoners of Azkaban containing some familiar-looking faces,  and a scavenger hunt entitled Fantastic Staff and where to find Them.  The two most popular fundraising ideas were the Hogwarts house scarves (which were knitted by the knitting club in four different colour combinations) and a cake sale.  English department and library staff were also dressed as characters from the Harry Potter stories.  Students and staff had lots of fun and raised over £95 for the WBD charity, Book Aid International.

Swindon Youth Festival of Literature 2016
The 9th Swindon Youth Festival of Literature (SYFL) took place from 7-11 November 2016 to celebrate reading, writing and creativity.  It is a collaborative project jointly co-ordinated by the Librarians of the eleven secondary schools across Swindon. Throughout the festival week, students work with authors, poets, illustrators and storytellers who visit schools for readings, performances and workshops.

Monday 7 November – Year 8 boys trip to Ridgeway to see CHRIS RIDDELL (Children’s Laureate) and STAN CULLIMORE (formerly of Housemartins) came to Warneford to speak to primary school students from Westrop and Southfields.

Tuesday 8 November – BALI RAI was here all day for Year 7, 9 and 10 pupils.                           

Wednesday 9 November – ASH DICKINSON (performance poet) came to Warneford for Year 7 pupils.

Thursday 10 November – A trip to the Wyvern Theatre for 50 students from Years 7-9 to meet HOLLY SMALE of Geek Girl fame.

Friday 11 November – BOOK QUIZ at Dorcan and FRED BLUNT ran an Illustrator Workshop for 14 year 9 students (and 15 year 9 students from Dorcan) here at Warneford.

At the final event of the festival, our team of 6 students answered a wide range of questions, working together to brilliantly in a very close competition to secure the Book Quiz trophy for the second year running!

Feedback from the SYFL week has been so positive; students have felt encouraged and inspired to be more creative in their reading, writing and drawing.

Please click on the following link for details of all events SYFL 2016

Author Visit – Sungju Lee – October 2016
 A group of twelve students from Highworth Warneford School travelled to Isambard School on Tuesday 11 October 2016 to meet author Sungju Lee. His book, Every Falling Star, is the first book to portray contemporary North Korea to a young audience and allows young readers to learn about other cultures where freedoms they take for granted do not exist.  It is the intense memoir of a North Korean boy named Sungju who was forced to live on the streets and fend for himself from the age of twelve. To survive, he creates a gang and lives by thieving, fighting, begging, and stealing rides on cargo trains. Sungju richly recreates his story, depicting what it was like for a boy alone to create a new family with his gang, “his brothers,” to daily be hungry and to fear arrest, imprisonment, and even execution.

Riveting Read 2016
Students from Highworth Warneford School, The Dorcan Academy & Kingsdown School will take part in the annual Riveting Read debate on Wednesday 6 July 2016.  This years books have been announced as follows:



World book day 2016

World Book Day – 3 March 2016

On 3 March 2016, we held a Scholastic Book Fair, a Bumper Book Quiz and a competition ‘Whose Favourite Book Am I?’  It’s a fund way to reinforce what we do all year round at Warneford, encourage our students to read.

Click this link for more information World Book Day 2016


Swindon Youth Festival of Literature 2015

In November 2015, we celebrated the 8th annual Swindon Youth Festival of Literature which is funded by the Swindon Association of Secondary Heads and aims to encourage a love of reading outside the classroom.  In total, 8,470 students from 53 secondary and primary schools in Swindon attended one or more event, including 586 students from Warneford.

sam and mia3



The festival Launch was held in October at The Platform in Swindon. Two year 9 students, Mia and Sam represented our school.




The first event of the festival was held at Isambard School with well- known author Phillip Reeve.  A group of Warneford  students enjoyed hearing about his latest book, RAILHEAD.  If they weren’t fans before attending, they were by the end of the session!

philip reeve w HWS group

2 Steves


The headline event was held at the Wyvern Theatre with Steve Cole, the author of several series, but most recently the new Young James Bond series.  The group of Year 7 & 8 students who attended were held spellbound by his amazing energy and enthusiasm.

Warneford hosted a fun-filled (and noisy) author event for our three feeder schools (Westrop, Southfields and St Leonards in Blunsdon) with The 2 Steves.  This involved lots of audience participation from the 240 Year 5 and 6 students who attended.


Year 7 students were inspired by Performance Poet Ash Dickenson…he led by example, performing some of his poems, including the one he wrote about Swindon, then challenging them to come up with their own creations.  Most students were volunteering to read their poems out, and it was amazing to  hear what they came up with.

ash w year 7 ash warneford

The Warneford book quiz team won the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature 2015 Inter School Book Quiz which took place at The Dorcan Academy on 9th November. They competed against all the other secondary schools in Swindon and won by 1 point! There were 12 rounds altogether and these included rounds on James Bond, opening lines of books, a David Walliams round and a round all about teachers in books.

HWS book quiz 2 HWS book quiz 1 HWS book quiz3

They worked exceptionally well as a team pooling their book knowledge to answer some really tough questions.  The team comprised of Tiffany & Aidan (Year 7), Sophie & Oliver (Year 8) and Shani & Tyler (Year 9).

year 7 chris bradford



All Year 8 and 9 students met Chris Bradford, the author of the action-packed BODYGUARD series.

In a special lunchtime session, he met with a group of Year 7 students (pictured) and answered questions about his YOUNG SAMURAI series.



David Gatwood



DAVID GATWARD was the Festival’s last event, held at Warneford on Friday 13th November.  Students from ten other Swindon secondary schools attended a morning session and in the afternoon, Year 9 Creative Writing students attended his workshops.


Riveting Read 2015

The Riveting Read is an annual event, aimed at the stronger readers in year 9 to encourage them to read a wider range of books in different genres than they would normally choose. The event involves students from The Dorcan Academy, Kingsdown School and Highworth Warneford School.  Early each year, 5 recently published books are chosen by the school library managers from the Carnegie Award’s long list.  Students then have a few months to read the 5 books and meet at one of the three schools to discuss them and choose their favourite.  This year it was Warneford’s turn to host the event for the 34 pupils across the 3 schools, led by Mr Barton (English Teacher).

Riveting Read covers

The winning book was a murder mystery called Running Girl by Simon Mason.

Please follow this link to view the article published by the Swindon Advertiser Riveting Reads are a hit with Wiltshire pupils

virginia berkin feb2015

Author visit to see Virginia Bergin

On Thursday 26 February, 15 students from year 9 attended Kingsdown School for a talk by Virginia Bergin, author of books THE RAIN and THE STORM.  All students thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and learning about what inspired her to write.  Students were able to purchase her books and have them signed.   THE STORM’s publication date was the very date of our visit:  26 Feb 2015 !

Author visit to see Sally Gardner
sally gardner trip (Custom)Students from Warneford took part in an exciting and inspiring event at the Dorcan Academy  on Tuesday 27th January 2015.  Sally Gardner, the popular multi-award-winning novelist talked to students from all the Swindon secondary schools about her books and life as an author.  Her debut novel I, Coriander is a favourite in the Warneford library and her novel Maggot Moon was chosen by Warneford students as a Riveting Read in 2013. She has won both the Costa Children’s Book Prize and the Carnegie Medal recently and her latest novel The Door that Led to Where, is a gender-defying, historical, intriguing read which looks set to be another bestseller.

Every Warneford student that came to the event bought her book and managed to get it signed by Sally.

Private Peaceful one man show for Year 7
Students from tutor group 7D had a special English lesson on Thursday 13 November as they walked over to the Highworth Library to see John Kirk’s Private Peaceful one man show!  It was a dynamic one-man show of Private Peaceful by storyteller John Kirk, who brought the popular Michael Morpurgo book to life with imaginative ideas. This was organised and part funded by the Swindon Libraries and Information Service, with considerable funding from Swindon Libraries Artswords programme and it’s ‘Animating Library Spaces’ work.

PrivatePeaceful9D smile (2)


Rest assured: reading is alive and well at Highworth Warneford School – please click on the links below to find out more about some of our other activities: