Please find below all the information you need to know about our school trips.

It may be useful for parents to be aware of trips that go out of school which have a cost implication. The following trips and estimated costs are the main ones available to pupils each year. This information is designed so that parents can plan ahead knowing what trips are available to each year group.

Trips going out of school 2019-20

We offer parents the facility to make payments for trips and other activities via a secure internet payment system.  Payment via the internet includes parental consent for the pupil to attend the trip/visit and alleviates the need to return a hard copy permission slip.   Receipts will be issued via email.

Cases of financial hardship will be dealt with sympathetically and confidentially by the school. Please contact the School Finance office for assistance.

Link to Parent Mail Website if required: – Parent Mail

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Additional information for trips outside of the UK
All pupils will require their own passport, which must be valid for travel at the time of the trip, together with an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), entitling the student to emergency treatment whilst abroad.  Please be aware these cards now have an expiry date. EHI Cards are free when applied for through the official website please see the following link for further information about the cards and to apply.

Please contact the Finance Office on 01793 762426 if your child will be travelling on a Non EU passport. It is essential that the trip leader is aware of this so they can ensure all the necessary paperwork is in place.    

Recent Trip Letters
Here are copies of the most recent trip letters:


School Trips Gallery


Please follow this link to see a selection of pictures from our recent school trips School Trip Photos