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Here at Highworth Warneford School we provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to extend and enrich their learning.

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As a school we strive to push all pupils to achieve to the best of their ability and our focus is on creating independent and reflective learners. Our gifted pupils will encounter a wide range of Gifted and Talented extension projects and opportunities. Each subject offers a substantial variety of extension activities both within the class room and beyond.


Events include the UKMT maths challenge, riveting read-athon, poetry slam, innumerable sports clubs, competitions and drama events. The outstanding work of the music department offers pupils the chance to learn new instruments and participate in a wide range of performance opportunities from choir to jazz band. Our key Gifted and Talented successes and events have included:

Year 8 Challenge Group

  • Year 8 pupils where offered a range of after school lessons beyond the curriculum including the following:
    • English-performance poetry
    • Drama-mask workshop
    • Mathematics – engineering challenge
    • Political manifesto
    • Team building
    • Science in Art
    • Spanish
    • Local History

Peer Tutors

  • Peer tutors regularly deliver sessions to younger students, guiding pupils regarding good learning behaviour.
  • Pupils have also taught lessons to our feeder Primary school pupils which offered them the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills.

Voice Magazine

  • Pupils enjoy a wealth of opportunities to contribute to our school magazine which is run by the pupils.

Merton College Aspiration trip

  • Year 10 pupils visit Merton College, Oxford for a taster day.
  • The trip was very successful last year and is designed to encourage pupils to apply for Oxbridge courses.

A/A* Support Programme

  • Pupils predicted A/A* grades at GCSE are offered the opportunity to take part in a mentoring scheme designed to ensure that they avoid underachieving in their GCSEs.
  • For some pupils dealing with the pressure of having to attain well academically may be affecting their confidence in school, whilst others may need additional help with their time management and organisational skills.
  • Pupils are given a mentor and we hope these sessions will aid them in achieving their predicted grades.
  • Each mentor will work closely with their student to encourage and support them with any issues that may be holding them back from achieving their full potential.
  • It also allows us an opportunity to assess our teaching of gifted pupils so that we are better able to meet their needs in the classroom.

Interschool Challenge Days

Gifted and Talented Warneford students in Key Stage 3 take part in Interschool Challenge Days against students from other Swindon schools.  They participate in a variety of events including:

  • Robotics;
  • Historical mysteries;
  • Problem solving;
  • Ethical questions;
  • Science experiments.

The school has traditionally done very well in these events, often placing in the top 3 when results are announced.

Watchfield Primary School Arts Foundation Week

Gifted and passionate Year 8 historians from Warneford have contributed to Watchfield Primary School’s Arts Foundation Week, developing a series of lessons to be delivered to students in years 3 and 4. In previous years, they have taught lessons on Edwardian England and 1960s Britain.

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