Since 1st July 2011, Highworth Warneford School has been officially converted to Academy Status, the first secondary school in Swindon to complete the process.

The conversion to Academy status has given the school a number of advantages:-

  • Funding that used to go to the Local Authority now comes directly to the school.  As a result, the school received extra funding and it will be for us to decide how to spend that funding.
  • The school can ensure that we are receiving the best value for money for the services we buy, such as Human Resources and Payroll.  We intend to continue to buy some of these services from the Local Authority since we have been satisfied with the quality of the services we have received in the past.
  • We will have greater flexibility in terms of determining the curriculum for the school and ensuring that we are offering what is most appropriate for our pupils.
  • We will have greater flexibility in terms of how the school is organised and managed.  We are not planning any changes at the moment but we will be in a strong position to respond positively to new initiatives that are in the best interests of the pupils

Although we do not anticipate making major changes, we will use the additional freedom associated with Academy Status to continue to build upon our successes and to ensure that we continue to be outstanding in all aspects of our work.