Welcome to Highworth Warneford School.

Our school is centred on 5 key beliefs and values

  • All pupils and staff should aim for the highest possible standards in all the work and activities of the school.
  • Pupils are happier and learn better in an orderly, well-disciplined environment.
  • Good relations between pupils and staff depend on good manners, respect for each individual and an attitude of working together.
  • A child’s education is improved when there is an effective partnership between the school and home.
  • The school must provide opportunities for pupils to enjoy and join in sport, music, drama and a wide range of clubs and activities, which serve to extend and enrich the curriculum.

Our school has a clear vision to provide academic excellence in a school community that nurtures the individual and inspires independent learners. We are a forward thinking school that builds upon traditional values to create an environment that provides challenge and care for all.

Andy Steele

Our school values a very strong partnership between the school and the parents. We would encourage all parents to make contact with the school if there are any concerns or issues that you would wish to raise. We would ask that you make contact with your child’s tutor in the first instance via email, or telephone (01793) 762426. Your child will also have a Head of Year who is also always available if you feel your concern merits their attention.

From September 2018, Heads of Year will be allocated as follows:

Year 7: John McGuigan

Year 8: Fiona Stanley (supported by Alex Bush)

Year 9: Su Byrne

Year 10: Kathryn Gregory

Year 11: Sue Chetty

Pastoral Support Worker:  Heidi May