Viaggio al Lago di Garda 2018

Welcome to the Big Band Tour to Lake Garda 2018. Updates to follow….

And we’re off… Coach left a bit early, tour packs, (including tour t-shirt) handed our, bags of Skittles opened..

16:50. All is well. We’re in Kent. The biscuits 🍪 are being passed round.

17:50. We can see the sea!! Heading down into Dover.

We’re ahead of schedule, so have been booked onto the 19:15 crossing.

It’s 22:05 local time. Welcome to Calais. Smooth crossing. More food eaten. Mr Hanson has suggested they might want to try and get some sleep 💤….He’s not sitting near the back like poor old Mr Nye. We shall see….

6am Service Station on A39. Everyone looks so bright and breezy. The Nye-Hanson rubbish sweep has uncovered some unusual nocturnal dietary choices! Charlie White is currently eating cold spaghetti…

8:15am Climbing into The Alps, Mont Blanc up ahead. Breathtaking.

11:15am We’ve stopped for yet for food. A  service station in the mountains.














































It is a glorious Sunday morning. They’ve not slept much, but everything is too exciting for that to matter.

2pm. Final leg…50 miles to go. Sun shining.

3:20pm. We’re arriving in Torbole. Tired, but safe. There’s an offer of a swim, once we’ve unpacked.

Update…the pool is rather bracing.







Supper at 7pm.

A lovely walk into town and some free time to eat ice cream and paddle.

10pm…they all seemed fairly happy to be told to go to bed.

Update 10:45…all quiet on the corridors of Hotel Ifigenia. Good night

Good Morning Everyone.

Off on the ferry to Malcesine this morning.















Its tough being here and not in Monday Period 1….














We are going for a walk by the lake, a wander in the town and then pizza is already ordered for lunch.













































Truly beautiful spot. The pictures of Mr Burt bathing in the lake have been withheld on grounds of taste and decency.














Great lake side restaurant for lunch. Please count the fingers for detail of Mr Hanson’s tiramisu consumption..














On to the castle. It’s very sunny.

The views from the top of the tower were stunning.






A quick walk down to the harbour, (via a gelato shop), and it’s back on to the ferry returning to Torbole.




Quick dip in the pool, for those who wish, and we’re off for our first performance after dinner. I’ll try and capture some video…





Off to the gig! Just like The Beatles on Abbey Road. Great tour t-shirts.




Tour buses are reknowed for the artists being poorly behaved, and this tour bus is no exception!













An amazing venue. The pupils were tremendous and the locals were impressed and grateful in equal measure.


Click the link to watch the video..




Good night.

Tuesday 9am: A weary start this morning, but we’re off to the beach. The sky is clearing, and hopefully we’re going have another Italian summer’s day.







Busking on the beach.


Paddling in the lake was glorious, if a bit cold. Back to the hotel for a bit of lunch, then off to fair Verona.








When in Verona, do as the Romans…

Rather an amazing amphitheatre in the blazing sunshine.

Its Eloise’s birthday. Her parents like her so much that they’ve arrived to say ‘hello’.

In interests of full disclosure I should add that it’s Amy Jones’ birthday too!

On to Juliet’s house. Photo opportunity on ‘that balcony’. Time then for a quick shop.

17:20.. back on the coach. Heading for what Mr Hanson has billed as a King’s Buffet. As an aside, we’ve haven’t been without food on this trip. When your stater at the hotel is a ‘family’ portion of pasta, you do not go hungry.






After 20 years of teaching, you can imagine that I haven’t often been lost for words. Tonight was one of those moments. The Warneford singers and musicians bought the house down, (a shame as it was a stunning 17th century villa). It was genuinely brilliant. Both myself and Mr Hanson were tearful. SO PROUD of your children. It’s a long drive home, but that is currently irrelevant.

Wednesday morning. A little tired this morning, so we had a late breakfast. We’ve walked round to the coach, and driving to Gardaland.

13:30 Queuing for the log flume…It’s hot.

Proud to say I did the rollercoaster, so treated myself to a proper ice cream!









(They can’t all be pictures of the pupils!)






A great ‘wahay’ moment as we head back to Torbole.

Well, well, well. Another great evening for Highworth Warneford School Music. Playing in the square of our home town Torbole. As many as 200 people enjoying the show.











So proud again tonight.

Thursday. The alarm clock seems a little unwelcome this morning, but we must be packed and clear of the hotel by 9:30am. The plan is to spend some time at the beach, before an early lunch and departure for the journey home planned for 2pm.

As the rest of HWS walk into the final assemblies at school, 40 of its pupils are being forced to endure a last hurrah on the beach at Torbole. I have asked 3 pupils, “are you looking forward to going home?” The replies were, “No, we want to stay!”. It is rather lovely here…







Next stop the Pizzeria…





Pupils have spent their concert earnings, (they made €400!) in the supermarket. Now eating our final pizza…







Mrs Lloyd is very excited to be coming home.







Such good pizza….

2pm We have set off. Everyone is feeling fine, if a little tired. It’s a long way to Calais.

7:30: Up in The Alps. Food stop






Glacier missing?

10:00 Loo Break. Lights out for sleep soon. Fingers crossed. All is well.

Good Morning. It’s Friday, and we’re coming home. Slight delay on the ferry. We sail at 8:40am French Time.







9:15am UK Time. Not quite Mont Blanc, but the ‘White Cliffs’ are a welcome sight.


If any parents are happy/willing to lend a hand shifting all the equipment back into the Music Block when we return, it would be must welcome. Thanks.

I’ll give an ETA when we are through the M25. Everyone is very tired, but happy; even the staff! See you soon.

10:17am M25 does not look good I’m afraid. We will be delayed.

11:56am.. We’ve made it to Cobham. Traffic is dreadful.

OKAY…We’re making some progress.

All things being well, plan for a 14:30 return to Warneford. Fingers crossed.


By law our driver has to take break, because we have been on the road in the U.K. for so long. Frustratingly we’ll have to stop at Chieveley Services for 30 mins. So, we are estimating 3:10pm arrival. Apologies, but the traffic has thwarted progress and left us with no choice.

Despite the traffic in the U.K., nothing must detract from what has been an outstanding tour. The pupils have behaved impeccably and represented the school so very well. Their performances have been stunning and been really well received by the audiences. I must, however, draw particular attention to the efforts of our outstanding Head of Music, Mr Hanson. The organisation has been spot on, and meant that the pupils have had a very special time.

Happy Holidays

Mr Nye