Exam Timetables

Provisional Timetable 2020

2020 provisional exam timetable


Year 11 Study Timetable

Please click on the links below to download a copy of the weekly study timetable



Half Term Revision Timetable



Art Exams

Year 11 ART Exams

The Art exam will be held on:

tbc – 5 hours
tbc – 5 hours


The Digital Photography exam will be held on:

tbc – 5 hours
tbc – 5 hours

Year 10 Exams and Study Timetable

Yr 10 Internal Exams

Due to work experience, the Computer Science exam will be held week commencing 17 June and the Drama exams on 13 and 17 June.

Year 9 Exams

Yr 9 Internal Exams


Year 8 Exams

Yr 8 Internal Exams

Additional link to assist with revision: BBC Bitesize Smart Revision Advice


Year 7 Exams

Yr 7 Internal Exams