Pupils will be issued with a copy of their individual candidate timetable in November for the mock exams in January 2017.  To assist pupils and parents in preparing for these exams, we have detailed below the structure of each mock exam paper, the topics for revision and the resources to use – please note these details are for the mock exams only and the timings/topics may vary slightly for the final GCSE exam.  Further subject notes may also be found on the relevant department pages of the website.  Please contact the subject teacher if you need any further information.  Mrs K Gregory, Head of Year 11.

Download a copy of the timetable here: Mock Exams January 2017

Additional Mock Exams

Y11  Maths
29 March 2017
30 March 2017

Y11  English
29 March 2017
31 March 2017

Y10 English Language
13 March 2017
16 March 2017

ART – MOCK EXAM DATE:  9 December 2016 (5hrs)

Students must bring their sketchbooks to the exam, please talk to your teacher before the exam if you are going to need any additional resources.

1 exam (1hr)
Setting up a business, Marketing, Finance, People in Business, Operations Management and Growing as a Business, The business Organisation, Marketing – of a growing business, Finance
Past papers, for Business Studies quizzes (individually assigned, teachers will receive feedback of what you have done and your scores), BBC Bitesize Business Studies Tests online,

Students must bring their sketchbooks to the exam, please talk to your teacher before the exam if you are going to need any additional resources.

1 exam (1hr 30mins)
Section A – compulsory, Section B/C – choice of one section
Self evaluations of performances/live theatre visits
Revision guide – read through exemplar answers

1 exam (2hrs)
Question 1 Design – students will know the context in advance (30mins), rest of paper theory (1hr 30mins)
Revise all topics in Revision guide
Use Revision Guide and all lesson notes can be accessed on the X drive

1 exam (2hrs)
35% based on Design Theme, 70% Materials and Processes
Research the Design Theme given by the teacher
Revision in class and using the internet

1 exam (2hrs)
30min Design question, 1hr 30mins questions
All of revision guide and folder work so far
Use revision guide and all folder work

1 exam (1hr 45mins)
Section A – Comprehension, Section B – Writing skills
Use past papers, mark schemes and revision materials prepared in class.

1 exam (2hr 15mins)
Section A – An Inspector Calls, Section B – Relationship Poetry Compare, Section C – Unseen Poetry
Use past papers, mark schemes and revision materials prepared in class.

Geography Paper 1 (Physical 1 hr)
Restless Earth & Living World

Geography Paper 2 (Human 1 hr 30 mins)
Population Change, The Development Gap & Tourism

Use revision guides and exercise books.


Unit 1 Exam (70 mins) International Relations

Origins of the First World War, Peace Keeping 1918-1919 & The League Of Nations

Unit 2 Exam (1hr 45 mins)     Twentieth Century Depth Study

A: Roaring Twenties (USA 1918-29) B: Hitler’s Germany (1929-45) C: Race Relations in the USA (1945-68)

Students have been issued with a sheet, download a copy here Yr 11 History Mock Revision Jan 2016
Students should refer to their revision guides together with their exercise books, revision cards and Student guide (a copy can be downloaded from the History page of the website).

1 exam (2hrs)
Use AQA Human Health and Physiology textbook as well as class notes to revise.

Actual exam will take place on: tbc
Pupils predicted to achieve a grade C, pupils must score higher than 60%, grade B pupils 70%, grade A 80% and grade A* 86% or higher
Revise – How ICT is used in Business, Working with information and data within businesses, How ICT is used to support business working practices and Ethical, Legal, Safety and security issues of computing
Resources for revision – Read pre-release case study and highlighted topic areas for revision, Past Paper saved in the X drive ICT, Terminology Glossary, BBC bitesize ICT attempt lot all quizzes for each chapter and all pupils have been assigned quizzes using a temporary login code – ECP7

Higher – 50mins Reading & 45mins Listening, Foundation – 35mins Reading & 35mins Listening
Full past paper
Revise all topics covered so far
AQA GCSE textbook contains all topics and vocals required, BBC Bitesize German/French, Linguascope (Intermediate)

1 exam (1hr) – Listening exam
Students will be issued with revision sheets
Students should revise all topics covered in year’s 10 and 11. Use the GCSE booklets, given at the start of year 11, to revise key words (linked to each Area of Study). Students should be able to explain each and identify them in a piece of music.
There are revision books in music that will be very useful.
Students should also refer to the website ‘BBC GCSE Bitesize- keystage 4 music’ (very good!)

1 exam (1 ½ hrs)
Revise all topics covered.
Use the revision guide, notes from class and textbook.
We will use class time to revise and review exam technique.

Find exam questions on the AQA website:

C=Chemistry, P=Physics, B=Biology, 1 refers to Core Science, 2 refers to Additional Science
The codes are used in the contents section of the revision guides and work books
11X1      Triple science group – two exams: P1&P2  B1&B2

11X2      Triple science group – two exams: C1&C2  B1&B2

11X3      B2&C2

11X4      P2&C2

11Y1       Triple science group – two exams: P1&P2  C1&C2

11Y2       Triple science group – two exams: P1&P2  C1&C2

11Y3       B2&C2

11Y4       B2&C2

For a list of resources to assist revision and past papers, with mark schemes to try, please refer to the document entitled “A summary of Science resources available for Highworth Warneford students” which was recently emailed to all parents and is available to students in the resources area.