Highworth Warneford School has, like all other schools, embarked on a new style linear exam in the core subjects of English and Maths in Summer 2017, with most other subjects following in 2018.  This makes comparison with previous years more difficult.  The English results were once again excellent with 84% of pupils gaining a pass at 4+ and an amazing 70% gaining a high pass at 5+.  The Maths results did well with 71% gaububg a oass at 4+ although were slightly pleasing at 5+ with a pass rate of 40%.  The attainment 8 score was high at 47.82 and there were several pupils who achieved the highest grades in more than ten subjects

Exam Results 2017


Pupil Premium Data 2017

We are looking forward to a good set of results in 2018 and constantly working on improvements to our teaching and learning in the classrooms.  We have recently bought GCSE pod to enable pupils to access revision materials at home or whilst on the move.  Our VLE and the Learning Zone has lots of good revision resources and we would commend parents who encourage pupils to make use of the wealth of resources available to them.

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