Good communication skills are vital in the modern world and here at Warneford we are in a strong position to meet these challenges by producing competent linguists who have real confidence in their own abilities.

Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of learning languages with all students throughIMG_5969 (Small) high quality teaching and by offering a range of opportunities for students to experience contact with other countries.

There is a team of skilled and dedicated language teachers who are all expert in making lessons active, varied and lively. You will always be encouraged to join in and given all the support you need to develop your language skills.

We believe that language learning will offer an excellent insight into other cultures as well as offer knowledge and understanding of the role we play in the wider world.

Educational visits play an important role in broadening our students’ horizons. We currently run a popular residential trip to France in year 7.  In year 10 and year 11 there is a German trip to Berlin.

On arrival at Warneford all pupils will learn French for three years. At the start of year 8 German is introduced as a second language for more able linguists. At KS4 there is a high take up for the GCSE courses in French and German.




Year 7 Spelling Bee Class Champions 2018




Please click on this link for further details of the AQA GCSE French specification (8658) AQA French 8658

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Please click the links below for the information sheet and presentation from the MFL information evening on 11 September 2018

MFL information evening document – 11.9.18

MFL information evening slides