The standard software applications used are Microsoft Office 2013, Windows 7, and Adobe Suite. The pupils are given Internet access under strict filtering and monitoring security. All pupils have email accounts, purely for educational purposes, again monitored as a precautionary matter.

Accelerated Curriculum (Years 7 & 8)

In years 7 & 8 all pupils receive a Computer Science lesson, once a week, delivered by subject specialist staff.

Warneford has taken on board direction from the Department of Education Computing programmes of study and has adapted its teaching materials to meet and challenge the needs of the pupils. The aim is for pupils to build skills, demonstrate these as capabilities and develop self-confidence. The pupils thoroughly enjoy developing their own websites, graphics and animations, using programming code to generate games or functions, learning about the hardware and software that make up the ICT systems, network system and staying Safe on line.

Key Stage 4

All pupils are taught ICT at Key Stage 4, receiving 2 hours a week, by specialist ICT staff. Warneford follows the Cambridge Nationals Level 2 specifications, believing that it offers a balanced, meaningful curriculum in ICT and computing. It is assessed through student based portfolios and examination, studying elements such as:

  • Creating interactive products through Web design
  • An introduction to computer programming
  • Exploring Hardware and Networks
  • Developing Control systems
  • And creating dynamic products using sound and vision.


Options at Key Stage 4

OCR Computing. Pupils can choose, within the option process, to study OCR Computer Science. Computer Science is for those who wish to develop their computing understanding further, developing programming skills, critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills. This comprises of two coursework based units and a written exam. Currently pupils are using Python programming language to solve an Arithmetic Quiz task and AppInventor to develop an App.


Intervention – Extra Support sessions

The ICT suites are open to both Key Stages on various lunchtimes. On a Tuesday we offer Touch typing courses, on a Wednesday we offer a “Catch Up” club where we encourage the students to attend to help ensure they reach their predicted target or even excide this, and on a Thursday Lunchtimes we offer the students access to complete coursework using the ICT facilities.