Geography at Warneford is taught as a discrete subject at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. We aim to stimulate pupils’ interest in their surroundings and foster a sense of wonder of the world around us!

Our topics of study encourage pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of current geographical events and issues, from local to global, and empower our young people to become active global citizens.

The best geography lessons are those where our pupils learn in the real outdoors. Exploring Highworth, visiting a local farm, a visit to Bristol Zoo, Earth Day and Japanese workshops are all examples of our geography lessons at Key stage 3 beyond the classroom.

Pupils enjoy geography at Warneford and it is a very popular option subject. Every year over half our pupils choose to study geography at GCSE.






A more detailed breakdown of what is studied in geography at Warneford can be seen on the the attached documents.