Design Technology is a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3. Pupils are taught in mixed ability sets, and will study 3 modules of work on a rotational basis. Each module will deliver key skills and knowledge as well as focus on specific aspects of the design process. Pupils are taught in a very practical way, experimenting and working with a range of different materials, to produce high quality functional products.


Year 7

011aFood – a healthy pizza that meets the “Eat Well” plate

Textiles – a storage wrap

Resistant Materials – a thermometer and pencil holder

Year 7 recipes 2017-2018



Year 8

Food – developing scones

Textiles – a screen print & embroidered bag

Resistant Materials – trivets and mechanical card

Year 8 recipes 2017-2018

Year 9

Food – design and make cup cakes

Textiles – an appliquéd cushion

Resistant Materials – storage box using CAD/CAM

Year 9 Recipes 2017-2018

 265-highworth-warneford-medium 243-highworth-warneford-medium

Years 10 & 11

In Year 10 Design Technology is an option subject. Pupils can choose from Food Preparation & Nutrition, Textile Technology, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials or Child Development. Pupils have 5 one hour lessons a fortnight. All the Design Technology subjects follow the AQA syllabus. These syllabuses can be downloaded from the AQA website.

Click on the following links for the DT Year 11 Revision Mats

Revision Mat unit 1
Revision Mat unit 2
Revision Mat unit 3
Revision Mat unit 4
Revision Mat paper and timber unit 5
Revision Mat unit 6
Revision Mat unit 7

DSCF1923 (Custom)



Please follow this link to see photos of the Christmas Stockings made by the Year 10 Textiles pupils Christmas Stockings 



001a  018a  024a

Please follow this link to see additional photos of some of our other D & T projects D&T Photos